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New Patients

Your Initial Appointment

Your initial appointment should last less than one hour. The dentist will meet with you, discuss your immediate concerns, and thoroughly examine your mouth. We may take digital X-rays and intraoral photos, as well. After gathering comprehensive information, the dentist will explain his findings, show you pictures of your mouth, and provide options for treatment. Please feel free to ask questions at any time during your dental visit! 

IMPORTANT: A parent or guardian must accompany all patients under 18 at the consultation visit. 

Items to bring at the time of your first visit: 

  1. A photo ID 
  2. An insurance card (if applicable) 
  3. X-rays (again, if applicable) 
  4. Completed newpatient forms (Forms may also be completed in the office.  Please allow an additional 10 minutes prior to your appointment to complete the forms). 


If your previous dentist has taken recent x-rays (within 6-months), you may request that they forward them to our office. If they are traditional film x-rays and there is not enough time, please pick them up and bring them to our office. If additional x-rays are necessary, digital x-rays can be taken at our facility.